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ETS XML Switch
ETS Switch: Service Oriented Architecture
ETS Switch provides a single XML interface to any combination of supplier systems. ETS's advanced business rules engine controls which suppliers receive particular requests, how the responses are aggregated and other business logic functions including sorting, filtering, removing duplicates, applying markups or discounts.

ETS Switch provides the capability to 'burst' multiple requests in parallel against each supplier system, with business rules determining the options in each request. This allows large amounts of data to be gathered to support availability checking for multiple properties, or to drive additional search requests when too few hotels are found for the users exact search criteria.
ETS Switch offers the opportunity to combine several companies and GDS systems in one single booking module.
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ETS supports the travel industry XML specifications developed by the OpenTravel Alliance for Air, Car and Hotel searching and reservations. Other XML formats can also be supported on request.

An XML interface for searching and retrieving descriptive content from the database is provided.